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 Dariush Borbor

Architect . Urban Planner . Iranist


Dariush Borbor was born on the 28th of April, 1934 in Tehran, Iran. He attended his primary schooling in Iran. At the age of twelve he went to the United Kingdom for his secondary education, after which he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Civic Design both from the University of Liverpool. He then went to specialize on architecture of hot dry regions at the University of Geneva under the eminent French architect, Professor Eugène Beaudouin. Concurrently he collaborated with the well-known Swiss urban planner Professor Arnold Hoechel and the distinguished architects Frei and Hunziker on several projects. In 1961, he returned to Iran as Deputy Technical Director of Iran-Rah Construction Co. In 1963, he set up his own architectural and urban planning office in Tehran. As President and Managing Director, he developed and expanded the firm to a large multidisciplinary office which included several in-house branches including architecture, planning, landscaping, structural, mechanical, environmental engineering, and interior design with a group of highly qualified multi-national staff and including branch offices in different parts of the country. At the same time, in the years 1973-79, he also collaborated with the Lausanne based international consultants Swiss Engineering Projects (SEP). In the years 1981-84, he became the President of Borbor International Management Consultants (B.I.M.C.) to Architects, Engineers, Planners, Paris, France. In 1984, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he was engaged in both architectural consultancy and research activity. From 1992 to present he has been the Director of the Research Institute and Library of Iranian Studies (RILIS), Tehran.

He has won many architectural and urban design competitions and has been the recipient of several international prizes and awards worldwide, including the Gold Mercury from Italy and the 50 Outstanding Architects of the World Award from the 2nd Triennal of World Architecture held in Belgrade. He is considered as a pioneer of contemporary urban planning and design in Iran, described by some as “father of modern planning in Iran” . He helped to initiate the scientific process of development planning which included master plans of cities, regional plans, and a proposal for an overal environmental study for the whole of the country half a century ago. He has carried out more urban planning projects than any other of his Iranian colleagues. He has also been a leader in free flowing architectural forms and has exerted more influence on the twentieth century modern architecture of Iran than any of his other contemporaries. More than half a century after his first architectural work in Kerman, Iran his timeless designs still appear fresh and appealing. 

Dariush Borbor who has been active in four continents, is a multifaceted practitioner and scholar who designs, paints and writes on architecture, urban planning, environment, history, linguistics and Iranian subjects. As a prolific writer and researcher, he has contributed to many distinguished international technical, scientific and academic publications, including several encyclopaedias such as the Encyclopedia of Urban Planning and the Encylopaedia Iranica.